Are you an RA? Don’t delay – sign a union card!

There is no more time to put off signing an RA union card. We are approaching the end of the card-signing campaign and need as many RAs as possible to sign a card! You can now sign online.

You are eligible to sign if you:
– Do research at SFU
– Are being paid this semester (Summer 2023)
– Get paid via payroll (including wages, top-up, and RA scholarship/stipend)

Signing a card is how we tell SFU we want to collectively bargain for a fair contract, better working conditions, and benefits. It’s been almost 4 years since RAs at SFU unionized and joined TSSU, but the employer has consistently stalled negotiations, union busted, and refused to recognize all RAs as workers deserving of a union and contract. Sign a card to help finally put this issue to bed. RA contract NOW!

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